When did hayden panettiere and milo ventimiglia start dating

After Heroes ended in 2010, his co-stars migrated to other TV series like American Horror Story: Asylum (Zachary Quinto), Hawaii Five-0 (Masi Oka), and Nashville (starring his ex-girlfriend Hayden Panettiere).Ventimiglia says he’s been working regularly too, although he’s taken a somewhat different route.Kelly's relationship with (or supposed marriage to) a 15-year-old Aaliyah, there were many more examples of outlets seemingly condoning these kinds of matches.Take Jerry Seinfeld's relationship with Shoshanna Lonstein, which began after he hit on the then-17-year-old private school student in Central Park.There's also the possibility that many of the editors running gossip and celebrity sites today are Gen Xers or Millennials who came of age hearing about the uncomfortable-sounding romances by the aformentioned Aaliyah and R.Kelly or Woody Allen and Soon-Yi, whereas their Baby Boomer predecessors grew up during a time when the only thing depressing about a twentysomething Elvis Presley dating a teenage Priscilla was that the King of Rock was off the market. He was so absorbed, he forgot to pick up the phone when his publicist called for this interview. A few years ago, at the peak of his celebrity, he was a gossip-tabloid fixture—Perez Hilton would obsess about where he would sit at NBA games. “I’ve been up since seven”—there are construction workers over at his house in Los Angeles, and Ventimiglia spent the first half of the day reading in his office. ’”Ventimiglia, 35, the star of Gilmore Girls, Rocky VI, and Heroes, the 2006 hit TV series that made fan boys swoon, isn’t as omnipresent as he used to be.


“Since I left Heroes,” he says, “I’ve done eight movies and two TV shows in the past 2 1/2 years, maybe even more! And then in May I have Kiss of the Damned, an independent film”—about vampires. Then in the fall I have Killing Season with De Niro and Travolta.” He ends the year with Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman, where he plays Grace Kelly’s celebrity publicist Rupert Allan.He’ll also appear as a mob lawyer in Los Angeles, a TNT series slated for 2014.Since he’s not committed full time to TV anymore, “I’m free to jump around, bounce around, go anywhere I can,” he says.Or, you know, maybe years of looking at "Stars -- They're Just Like Us!


" columns have finally hammered home the message that, yes, stars are just like us.Literally, every day, I’d pull up and he’s standing there with a coffee.”Even though he’s Internet-savvy enough to watch ESPN on his computer, Ventimiglia isn’t a social-media junkie. “We didn’t have email addresses, we didn’t have cellphones. Ventimiglia, who gets bitten in the first bondage scene, says he was drawn to the project because it reminded him of a grown-up version of The Lost Boys.



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