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When he was 6 years old my son described in great detail my grandmother’s house he never been to. There are no pics of the place that I’m aware and no one owned a camcorder in our family, so video is out of question either.It’s a small house with red roof and a purple door (grandma painted the door every couple of years).And yet my System 1 still refuses to believe that the people in those Reddit threads are liars. I know you had a weird experience and it must be hard for you, but these things happen, I’m sure you’re a good person!It’s actually kind of horrified at the thought, imagining them as their shoulders slump and they glumly say “Well, I guess I didn’t really expect anyone to believe me”. ” If you’re like me, and you want to respond to this post with “but how do you know that person didn’t just experience a certain coincidence or weird psychological trick?I never told him about it, my wife has never met my grandma and never been to her house and in 1986 we were stationed in Germany, so none of my old friends could have reached my son, so this is definitely not someone’s prank.

I grab a random book I’ve never seen from the middle of a huge pile.

If I told you in normal conversation, unrelated to compelling reincarnation theories, that kids have a natural talent at cold reaading, you’d scoff and demand proof. Let’s assume 10% of those see threads like the above – which were pretty popular and which I think both made it to the front page. Now let’s assume that even 1/10,000 people on the Internet are annoying trolls, which is maybe the easiest assumption we’re ever going to have to make.


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    They represent approximately 1 in 300 infected persons.

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