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I'm sure it's a simple thing but it just stays in "Edit" mode even after a successful update.I have to click "Cancel" to get back to the View Template. This has to be me just missing something amazingly simple. Amy , I would suggest you to review the online demo below that demonstrates the required functionality: it a test and see if it works for you.I have to manually add items to the "new Values" hashtable and am not using the same sort of data access anyway.I do not want to fully re-code a complex page with a grid, a six-pageview multipage, and dataforms.I have a raddataform (2014 Q3), and I'm using the Item Updating event to run my custom update code (I update a few tables separately); it's working just fine.What I want to do is have the form return to "View" mode after a successful update.


Instead of writing more paragraphs I can use tabular to explain, I think this will be easy to understand.What this means is that you cannot store data in instance-level variables and share that data between event handlers.For example, if you define an instance level variable in the class to store data in the As per the first look of Developers, we say simply, Item Updating and Item Updated events are fire twice when we adding a document to a document library that has the Require Check Out option enabled.Do I need to go through this whole operation, to manually create and then access a datarow all to just simply call cancel Edit?


Hi Amy, Generally when the data editing ends the Data Form should automatically back to the view mode.

But that option exists to be used, and some people really do need it.


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