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“We always called the third spot on the countdown ‘the Korn spot’ because they could never get past number three,” says Kusbit.

In fact, Korn had four videos “retired” from , and Limp Bizkit six.

With those dial-in shows, “we were grasping at early technology, but it was a way to try to get fans more involved.” had become the most successful movie in history, thanks in large part to the tween and teenage girls who couldn’t get enough of Leo and Kate’s watery love story and who would see the film as many times as their parents, and allowances, could bear.

Those same girls were also latching onto a talented song-and-dance group from Orlando, Florida, called the Backstreet Boys, who, when they signed to Jive Records, were forced to barnstorm Europe while waiting for the American market to shift away from grunge and hard-core hip-hop.

saw fit to embed a reporter in a Connecticut suburb for an 8,000-word explainer called “The Secret Life of Teenage Girls,” as if high-school-age boy-band fans were a lost tribe of the Amazon. But once the fans banded together and forced MTV’s hand, they didn’t have a choice.” Backstreet, ‘N Sync, Britney, and Christina Aguilera videos became so dominant that producers invented a rule whereby videos that spent 65 days at No.

Barry Weiss, then president of Jive, recalls Calder coming back to the New York office after one his many jaunts abroad. ” ’s first-ever countdown, the show’s cultural identity would be permanently forged, when Backstreet’s “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” and ‘N Sync’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart” came in at Nos. “MTV had to play the video because the fans wanted it,” says Backstreet’s AJ Mc Lean, recalling that the network barely aired their earlier video “Quit Playing Games With My Heart.” “A bunch of guys in linen shirts dancing in the rain showing off their abs? 1 were “retired,” in order to allow other acts, and their fan armies, to taste victory.


“We loved our city and wanted it to look great to the rest of the world,” says Mc Grath.“The second week,” says Kusbit, “a girl showed up outside with a sign that says, ‘Hey Carson, Let Me Up.’ The third week, there were 30 kids out there.” At a company meeting at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk, Kusbit and co-creator Tony Di Santo presented a new idea to their bosses.


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