Renaissance dating customs

The Irish hare is unique to the island of Ireland and is arguably the country's oldest surviving mammal.It has been present on the island since before the last ice age, which ended around 10,000 years ago.The dolphin is one of Ireland’s most fascinating mammals and Fungie is the most famous.He is a fully- grown bottlenose who is 13 feet (4 meteres) long and weighs about 500 lbs or around one-quarter tonne.Revered and celebrated in Celtic lore for centuries, The lunar hare is seen as carrying an egg, symbolically heralding the new cycle of life that comes with the spring.


Since it was against the law to light any fire in the area while this was taking place, Laoghaire, the king at that time, was furious and rode off with his retinue to arrest the mystery rebel.People who live in rural areas report that hare numbers are only a fraction of what they once were.With little protection in law, this unique species remains endangered and is now locally extinct in some areas.O'Sullivan of Tomies was lucky enough to share this delightful drop, being the only man bold enough to stand up to Fionn.

Sadly, when the Sassenagh invaded Ireland, O'Sullivan's Cascade changed into water.

No wonder then that the hare was revered as a symbol of life and endowed with magical powers.


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