Who is matt di angelo dating


Cacace and Di Angelo also competed together in the live tour of Strictly Come Dancing in January and February 2008.

They won more shows than any other couple, coming first overall sixteen times and second a further ten times (out of a total of forty shows).

Cacace took part in the sixth series of Strictly Come Dancing, partnered by actor Phil Daniels who was eliminated in the first week after a dance-off against Don Warrington despite Gary Rhodes being bottom after the judge's scores.


They went on to win 6 shows out of 45 in total, coming second to her professional partner Vincent Simone and Rachel Stevens.

However, they were saved from the dance-off by the public.

The couple were eliminated in Week 8 of the competition, when the show went to Blackpool, after performing a cha-cha-cha.

They went through to the next week on the casting vote of head judge Len Goodman.

In week 5, the couple received their lowest score of the competition so far and were at the bottom of the leaderboard.Flavia Cacace rushes into the cafe, looking a little flustered as she's running late after training with dance partner Vincent Simone.



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