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(Mike Podhorzer)The Quick Opinion: Cozart proved that his amped up power in 2015 wasn't entirely a fluke, but injuries once again took their toll and prevented him from just barely eclipsing 500 plate appearances.If he could somehow remain healthy all season, he'll be an acceptable cheap middle infield option, but at age 31, it's difficult to bet on such a feat.With little speed, he's going to have to in order to earn any fantasy value, but he should be worth the speculation as his cost is likely to be relatively cheap.Profile: After enjoying a power spike during an injury-shortened 2015 season, we wondered if Cozart would now become an acceptable asset in shallow mixed leagues.Profile: After contributing little to fantasy teams heading into 2015, Cozart enjoyed a breakout over about a third of a season, before busting up his knee that required season-ending surgery.

The only way he'll be valuable is if he somehow pops 20 home runs one season, which doesn't seem all that likely.His line drive rate has diminished each season, and while his strikeout and contact rates have improved, he still posted a terrible 4.6% walk rate.


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