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The key is to do it without malice, to be respectful of other people for who they are, and to not hold it against someone for not wanting you.Now, regarding the whole "love" thing: People fall in love with those who have love for themselves.Ramos, who tested positive for HIV five years ago, was dismayed by the lack of dialogue going on within the queer community, even as he was encouraged by the progress made in treating the disease as compared to how it was when he started his activist work in the ’90s.Still, though, it was hard to be excited by the fact that something that was once a normal part of conversation with a new partner—disclosing HIV status—has now become almost taboo.You should reject the notion that you aren't deserving of happiness, love and nothing less than fireworks.Most importantly, you should reject the notion that anyone worth your time could possibly reject you for being HIV-positive.“People, dating or otherwise, are more interested in the diagnosis than the positive person,” Robertson says.“The lack of recognizing the resilience of positive people is draining.”Right now, more than 1.1 million people are HIV positive in the United States; last year, 39,782 tested positive, queer black men being at the highest risk for infection.


But there is something you can do about how you react to it. You didn't lose anything, and you most certainly saved the time you would have wasted on a guy who wasn't right for you.

Thanks to the increased and focused marketing of treatment and prevention medications, the number of new infections has dramatically decreased, but that has probably led to fewer people talking about the disease, further stigmatizing it.

“The silence around HIV is startling,” Jose Ramos, the founder of Impulse Group, an international HIV/AIDs awareness group, says.

You may not realize it, but you already have a boyfriend, and he is staring right back at you in the mirror. If you can't treat yourself with the respect you deserve, you can never expect anyone else to respect you, much less want to call you his boyfriend.

If you are constantly wondering whether you will ever find love again and think of yourself as a lost cause, you need to slap yourself right across the face, because you are the worst boyfriend you could have. Conversely, self-respect and self-love have ways of placing you in just the right place to meet the one who is right for you.And yet, for many positive people, it feels that way.



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