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If you walk past a massage parlor ask to see the girls working and if you find a sexy one give it a shot.

At the end she may offer a happy ending or you might need to ask for it.

They are pretty shy and reserved, just ask if they want to come to your room and you will get your answer quickly.



If you walk past a tuk tuk or get a ride in one don’t be surprised if the guy offers you girls.

Stick to the main touristy area or near the Mekong River where much of the nightlife is located.

It may not always be easy to spot a prostitute, but if a girl is out in the nightlife and appears to possibly be working you can politely inquire.

He may know of spots to pick up freelance prostitutes, or he may know where a brothel in Vientiane is.

While trusting a tuk tuk driver you don’t know may sound sketchy you are likely to be OK.We aren’t going to do a full section on karaoke but you can find girls for sex in Vientiane at Mekong Karaoke.


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    "I choose to love you this minute, this hour, this day and everyday from here on out," Peth told a stunned Nolan before popping the question in front of an ecstatic live audience.

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    The site also operates e Harmony labs, a relationship research facility and e Harmony advice, a relationship advice site. Ong serves both serial daters as well those wanting long-lasting relations.

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