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And he really doesn’t remember us all watching the eight legged race in his room…….(probably a good thing) It’s just too bad we couldn’t keep a video of everything.TESTAMONIES & FAQS Wanted to drop a quick note to all you guys and girls at Fantasy Island, been just a couple of days and miss the shit out of everyone already.I had a great stay and can’t wait to come back, everything was perfect and the girls keep getting better and better.No bull, just a great, an absolutely great experience, no one asking for money, no extra charges and the girls were the best of any place I have ever been. ******************************************************************************************* Just returned from the Club, already looking for a return trip.Still have a lot of work to do there 🙂 I had done much research before selecting CFI and my research really paid off.Man I made it, after my welcome kiss and hug, she wisked me off to the hotel which was maybe 20 minutes from the airport.Sahoni did not have perfect English but it was more than adequate.


Anyway, we ate a late dinner then sat by the pool with drinks.

So I finish my stuff in the terminal and walk outside knowing I will not see anyone waiting for me, shit what did I do, where will I go for 5 days, if no one shows, my Spanish sucks, god I wish I was home.

All this was running thru my mind as I exited the terminal, then I saw her……..a tiny, beautiful, island girl with a big smile and long red hair wearing a flowered tropical dress and holding a Fantasy Island sign with my name on it.

I just want to say thanks to all the guys and girls at Fantasy Island who made my trip so great, I know you all didn’t see me a whole lot during my stay but that was your fault….. Just got home from 6 nights with you, actually the best 6 nights of my life. I knew going in that some of these girls are mothers and that things happen.

for bringing me such a little angel to spend time with. Sahoni, Andrea, the waiters, bartenders, Alexander, and the Bulldog, thanks for all your hospitality and service that made my stay so great. I picked Lily for my first night and I believe she was instructed to make me forget about Misty, because she did, after the first hour it was like…Misty who?

I will not go into details, but this was the most sensual woman I have ever been with in my life.


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