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He co-created Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program and served as head writer for several episodes.

Harmon portrayed a highly fictionalized version of Ted Templeman on two episodes of the Channel 101 web series Yacht Rock, a satirical history of soft rock, featuring stories about Templeman's collaborations with The Doobie Brothers, Michael Mc Donald and Van Halen.

"I was thinking, there must be some symmetry to this," Harmon told Wired.

"Some simplicity." This caused Harmon to distill Joseph Campbell's structure of the Monomyth into a simple, circular eight-step process that would reliably produce coherent stories.

Harmon has noted this book as an influence on the embryo technique, as well as the work of Syd Field.

Harmon states that this circular structure of storytelling can be applied both to film and TV, suggesting in a Channel 101 blog that only the final intentions are different.

The story circle supposedly can be applied to all stories.

Harmon uses it whenever he's writing a new story, saying "I can't not see that circle.


He is credited with writing part of Rob Schrab's comic book series Scud: The Disposable Assassin, as well as the spin-off comic series La Cosa Nostroid.It's tattooed on my brain." The circle is divided into eight segments, each representing a stage of the plot.


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    Matthiessen P, Cooper M, Cove S, Day K, Gallagher J, Harrison L, Taylor P, Duddon Valley Local History Group, 2015, ‘A survey of longhouse structures in the Duddon Valley, Cumbria’, TCWAAS 3 Series vol 6, 227-229.

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