Egypt sexy video

"I think they want to affiliate to something - to express themselves, but within a situation where expressing yourself politically is nearly closed." She also considers it a reaction to the conservative climate - but an unhealthy one.

"I don't agree that commodifying and objectifying women's bodies is better than conservatism. I personally think it's also creating a backlash - a reactionary reflex." 'Take-away sandwiches'Questions of Westernisation and Arab identity also come up.

"They gain the bad things from the Western culture - like free relationships between men and women," he says.

Amal Abdul Hadi, a feminist activist at the New Women's Foundation, sees the trend partly as a reaction to political marginalisation.


Raphael says he thinks Middle Eastern women are "the most beautiful on the planet".

Music videos - or "video clips" as they are known - are the visual wallpaper of choice in the cafes, shops and discos frequented by Egypt's young people.

And as popular female stars reveal more and more flesh, controversy has inevitably grown in Egypt's mainly Muslim society.

He says it is other artists, not Ruby, who are pushing social boundaries: "I think she started a trend, which has not been followed correctly.

I definitely don't agree with the way some imitate these videos.

With her new music video 'Dark Horse' being a glam ode to the Egyptian era, Queen Katy wears blinged-out grills while blasting super-powers at her cat-faced slaves… Unfortunately, it was magic that her fans thought she was missing during her BRITs performance of the song earlier this week.


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