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That is the way her character was developed, so nothing wrong in her display.

It was her international debut flick as well, and the launch was so disappointing. I have never seen the narration set in the ancient India other than in the Indian films.

I won't recommend it, but there's a slim chance that you might like it, so choose it carefully.5/10 In the latest episode: Arielle Kebbel dishes on how she told her parents about her Fifty Shades Freed role, and Black Panther stars name the real-life heroes that inspired their characters.

too has an India theme with Hartnett playing a marine biologist who dives off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to save his wife.

Bipasha Basu almost got dropped from the project because of her hectic Bollywood schedule which left her with little time to prepare for her role. After the several hurdles it managed to get completed.

Roland Joffé wanted her to train for a month like the rest of the cast but she could give only a week for preparations. It was an Anglo-Indian historical romance-drama, during the British raj in India about betrayal, coup, revenge and a journey movie.

I think the research was very poor for making this movie.

They should have hired an Indian musician and costume designer with an historian."Love has many faces, and one of them is jealousy."The quality was top notch, the cast and their performances were excellent.


Problems began early on with the Australian leg being poorly budgeted.

So this film owes lots of explanation to the viewers than entertaining them. The film was not like I was hoping for, very excited for the merge of historical subject with sci-fi, but did not stand tall.


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