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Adult GED teachers help adults earn their general education development (GED) certificate — the equivalent of graduating from high school.Because almost all jobs require at least a GED certificate, teaching adult GED students gives you a chance to help them find work and improve their lives.Adult GED teachers also help students improve their critical-thinking, problem-solving and communication skills.


The main subjects include: Adult GED students and teachers must commit significant attention and focus to the course if they hope to absorb the material and succeed on the GED exams.Adult GED teachers must keep in mind their students have important responsibilities competing for their attention outside of class.However, students typically choose for themselves to enroll in an adult GED program, so they usually are highly motivated to succeed.Most adult GED teachers work in either full-course high school equivalency programs or short-course GED test-preparation programs.

These teachers instruct students in two- to six-month courses that provide the equivalent of a high school education to adults preparing to take the GED exam.This guide will provide an overview of what it takes to become an adult GED teacher, including the prerequisite education, likely income, and advantages and disadvantages of this career.


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