Rules of dating etiquette

These individuals tend to have a firmer and more realistic grasp on what it means to be a partner.Typically, they give advice that centers around compromise, patience and understanding instead of the standard “F*ck him! ”Friends who tell you exactly what you want to hear, I'm sorry to say are no good.Let's first identify the difference between “needing” something versus “wanting” something. Get your shit together, be a boss ass bitch and learn to be emotionally independent. If you go looking for trouble be certain that you will find it.As tempting as it may be, this will only serve to hurt you. Discover the details of his life through intimate conversation instead of playing Nancy Drew. If you don't enjoy spending time with yourself, how on earth do you expect anyone else to enjoy your company? Emotional games are fucking stupid and a complete waste of your time. If he starts playing games with you, making you question yourself or his feelings toward you, talk to him about it. If this does not provide results, then #On To The Next. In addition, if you feel such a strong amount of distrust in your partner that you have to go through his phone, there is a much bigger issue at hand.


There is no better way to make your date's parents question your integrity than by breaking their rules 9.

If he calls you for a second date, and you aren't interested, then tell him you aren't interested. All you really have to do today to be "famous" is get noticed on camera doing something weird.


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