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Jailhouse correspondence: In a letter to his 20-year-old daughter Rebecca (pictured), Dunn wrote about how the jail in Jacksonville was 'full of blacks,' and suggested that more people should arm themselves and kill 'these idiots' Mr and Mrs Hendrix repeated their claims of domestic violence in another taped interview recorded by police as part of their investigation.Hendrix, who now lives in Georgia, said he wasn't surprised when he read Dunn had been charged with murder.This is the moment a pair of thugs were caught on camera terrorising residents while riding around an estate on a stolen moped armed with a huge machete.


Hendrix added that Dunn's first wife, Sara, was from Mexico and his second, Clara, from Columbia. Hendrix said he once saw Sara with a swollen lip and a bruise on her face.

Sometimes you'd hear them shouting out in the backyard.


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    The thugs, wearing motorbike helmets, jeans and trainers, are also believed to have damaged two cars on Monday afternoon.

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