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No, your decisions are already made by the Amish Culture.

Everything is laid out for you so you know exactly what to do and how to live. Prior to that time, driving a buggy was the preferred modern mode of personal transportation.

From that time forward, Amish men and Amish women have had their roles in the church and community dictated to them by the Ordnung, a set of unwritten rules that are based in Scripture.

Since agreement with the Ordnung is voted on yearly by the members of each individual congregation, there are variations from church to church.

After their parents depart, young adults stay for the Sunday night singing.

This is a time when they look to pair off with dating partners.

Since originally posting this recipe back in 2012, it has gone on to become the second most read recipe on the site bested only by broccoli salad.

Over 5 years ago (we DO have readers who have been here five years, but there is a lot of “churn” on any website so I’m venturing to guess very few of you have been around here that long).The Church In the Amish culture, the word "church" doesn't refer to a building, but to the people in the congregation.Since in most sects there is no church building, services are held in individual homes on a rotating basis.Basically, the story goes like this: the Amish Cook generates a lot of reader mail, as you can imagine.

Although I will say that there is less snail mail these days than in days past not because the column isn’t popular but people just don’t send letters as much in general.

Old order sects all use buggies while some others such as the Beachy sect own cars.


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