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We are in the process of updating our list of livestock owners in the county.If you own ANY type of livestock we would love to add you to our list.Donkeys, pigs, cattle, horses, goats, chickens, peacocks, camels!Any animal that is not considered a companion animal (i.e.

The main cause for this is that the update was not done properly (i.e.After the compressed files are downloaded, they're uncompressed and moved from the Download folder to the Apply folder.The scheduled task then attempts to install the updates in the background, without requiring any user or cat) The list helps the Sheriff’s Office locate the owner of roaming livestock quickly and efficiently to reduce the possibility of the animals causing vehicle accidents or damage on another person’s property.

If you would like to be added to the list please go to our website at to enter your information. If you own livestock or own any method of transporting livestock, containing livestock etc, we are requesting to add you to a list of people in the county who would be willing to assist us if we ever needed it!Unlike earlier versions of Office, individual security updates and other updates for Office 365 Pro Plus aren't available on Windows Update.


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