Spectrographic dating

All those who have tried to do this at least once, knows the difficulty of these wonderful animals.

I often say that drawing men and dogs is the same thing: if you do something wrong, the subject acquires character, however, draw the women how to draw horses: even if you fail a proportion, the result is a disaster .

You lose something of indefinable working with computers.



“The strength of 2D resides, in my mind, in the fact it vibrates, changes, is never equal or perfect, just as reality. The computer graphics are just for robots and toys rather than human beings.

[caption id="attachment_338" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="Sylvain Chomet© Django Films©"][/caption] Began the challenge to “revive” Jacques Tati like a cartoon.

In the order to do this, they haven’t only been carefully studied all the films of the actor, but were also interviewed some of his acquaintances to better understand the Tati’s personality.

Chomet had the impression that the Russian-born French actor had not pursued the project because it was a very autobiographical story.

Also, he realized that it was perfect for an animated film.Above all, a movie where Jacques Tati back to life, in the guise of a magician, to give us once again his magic: that of being able to smile even in the melancholy. The nickname was given to him in Venice, to mean he came from outside.



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    If a package contains more pharmaceuticals total amount of ampoules and tablets should be taken into account in accordance with the provided list.

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