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He knows how much I need him and how much he needs me but he cannot come to me because he chooses not to.

He is as lonely as I but he will not do anything about it, or so I hope.

This was a Gaelic kingdom which formed from tribal origins in the west of Ireland.

Ireland was never politically united enough to translate its religious and cultural influence into political power, so its rival kingdoms waxed and waned both in terms of power and territory.

Why do you feel the need to “show me who is boss”??

Deleting profiles and emails doesn’t make you look to good.

You are beyond bored with your life and find some twisted sense of empowerment to hurt me.


I no longer find any enjoyment out of writing because you have killed something inside of me.Maybe he is lying next to her and he is happy and comfortable but I cannot see him happy with anyone but me.I am all he will ever need if only he could see that and he could really see me.Its really a shame you have wasted all of this time not meeting me but I cannot make you.

Sending you peace because you have a restless soul that needs quiet.Shortly after this, between the second and fourth centuries AD, most of Ireland shifted from tribal naming to descent naming.


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