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Providing victims with a Tec SOS phone is just one way in which police are helping women escape violence and piece their lives back together.

“It’s not a miracle cure, it’s part of a portfolio of things the police do to enable people like this to begin to rebuild lives and the technology plays one of those parts,” said Dunnett.

Pattaya (Thailand), 23 October 2014 - A bright colored van filled with educational materials and staffed by trained outreach workers is beginning to make a difference in the lives of street children in Pattaya.

The van, a mobile training unit, provides support and basic school lessons that include sex education to street children living in slum areas of Pattaya, a popular tourist destination.

It marked one of the few occasions that Vodafone has spoken publicly about the project and comes as the organisation is understood to be close to announcing pilots for Tec SOS in three more countries: Turkey, Ireland and Germany.

Speaking to Telegraph Wonder Women about the project, Andrew Dunnett, director of the Vodafone Foundation, explained that the Tec SOS phones started life in Spain where the foundation worked with the Red Cross to use mobiles to help victims of domestic violence.

“One of the key things about this programme is the police know who the person is before they’ve ever said a word,” said Dunnett.

“This is a major step forward because there is no person beside the royal family where you’ve actually got the priority response.” Vodafone has provided its services and the numbers for the phones for free and is working closely with police in rolling out the project, teaming up with police officer John Liversidge to develop Tec SOS in Britain.

It was not long before Ruth had need of the new mobile, when her husband flew into yet another violent rage.

Unbeknown to him, she pressed the button and the call alerted the police to her location.

Within minutes, officers were on the scene and the years of abuse finally drew to a close.

"In three months, one van equipped with training materials and videos has helped close to a 1,000 children become more aware of the dangers of living in the street - and what they can do about it, and who can help them," said Ms. Most of the street children in Pattaya come from poor families and have been forced to leave home and work on the streets to earn money for their family. All are at a great risk of violence, trafficking, abuse, exploitation, drugs and HIV.

Some street children are migrants from rural Thailand and nearby countries, while others are runaways from dysfunctional homes. Funded by the Government of Japan, the mobile training unit was recently donated at a ceremony at the UN Conference Centre in Bangkok to the Child Protection and Development Centre, an NGO that works to combat the sexual exploitation of children and child trafficking among street children in Pattaya.In Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia, child sexual exploitation has been closely linked to the ever-growing regional and international tourism industry.



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