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The book fires your imagination by painting pictures in your mind that will horrify you and inspire you. The war veteran points to the righteousness of his warring in the last verse and uses that as an ideological foundation to reinforce his own power. God allowed that in his sovereignty because it actually does accomplish his purposes. Yet disobedience to God brings a curse on the land. When the food is measured in these verses, it means the food is scarce and carefully weighed and each small measure of food has an expensive price on it. 1990’s the decade of growing destitution in the city and failed harvests in the country. If Satan can give a conquering hero the desire to enforce his ideology, his ideas, his power with force, violence, mercilessness, and not build the values of spirituality, morality, community harmony and excellence of work, the 4 horses of the apocalypse will ride though the nation in turn. What was needed was a building on a spiritual foundation, leadership Jesus style where those in authority are righteous, harmonious servants, not lords. Now it is time for Satan to gallop through the rotted nation, harvesting a harvest of death. rejoicing ….revelling in the misery of the people God loves.

In reality it depicts the horrors of people, nations and continents that do not obey God and who fight against the Lordship of Messiah Jesus Christ…. But a nation ruled without obedience to the person of Jesus Christ brings death and destruction in stages…. In the Gukurahundi 5 brigade was drunk with blood, but it silenced any idea of the Ndebele breaking away from Harare rule. I know because I have seen his grace on me, a sinner. Bloodshed of internal enemies in the nation and in the ruling party. But year after year harvests did not meet the needs of the population of Zimbabwe. You cannot rule a country with Marx or secular means only. You have to do things his way- or suffer the consequences. Satan will lie, kill, steal, destroy and create misery in the people God loves. Man’s ideas have produced death, poverty, disease and hunger.

Mugabe won a prize for food security in the 1980’s but in 1991/1992 the great drought bought destitution and hunger in rural areas. Destruction, Satan was laughing, rejoicing, laughing rejoicing, riding the pale horse through the land.

Justice no longer necessary when naked power exerts its will. After naked power exerts its will through bloody violence, destitution and hunger drown the land. Tags: 1980's, 1990's, 1st seal, 2000's, 2nd seal, 3rd seal, 4th seal, AIDS, Apocalypse, black horse, cholera, Gukurahundi, HIV, I am the law, justice, Messiah jesus christ, Murambatsvina, napoleon, pale horse, poverty, red horse, Rhodesia, Robert Mugabe, tuberculosis, war vets, weapons of war, White horse, Zimbabwe.

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2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer. Rhodesia could win 10,000 small battles but zanla only had to win the ONE last one. But once the seal was unsealed, and he began to exert his leadership, it became clear that this was the conqueror that was sought. and the awesome power of God and his inevitable triumph. Before the Ndebele, Bulawayo was under the rule of Zimbabwe rulers, and this is what God wants to continue. Now those in 5 brigade who loved the slaughter, the rape, the mass murder… Humble yourself before man and Messiah, Jesus Christ. You cannot have a church that loves the temporary trappings of wealth without the righteous roots that make lasting wealth possible. The seed was sown, now the harvest is going to be reaped, but it is Satan who will reap. The false prophets who worshipped the courageous conqueror failed to point to righteous nation building, but to the continuation of emperor worship.


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